What is the Boreal Avian Modelling Project?

BAM is an international scientific collaboration that develops and disseminates reliable, data-driven and model-based science and products to support migratory bird management and conservation across the boreal region of North America. 

What makes BAM unique?

BAM develops high quality scientific information, products, and guidance addressing pressing management needs. We pursue our vision of conserving North American boreal-breeding birds by providing data-driven science that fills information gaps to guide conservation action. BAM has made significant gains in filling knowledge gaps and advancing boreal bird conservation by developing analytical models using the most extensive dataset available. 

Can I use BAM data for my own research? 

Subsets of the database may be shared outside BAM if they are to be used in a highly collaborative project that is consistent with Data Partner interests and follows any restrictions regarding spatial extent or purpose of the intended research. For more information please see the latest version of our Data Policies and Requests Procedures

Can I contribute avian data to BAM?

The BAM project gratefully accepts avian point-count data from studies conducted within the boreal and hemiboreal regions of North America. To discuss possible data contributions, please contact BAM. 

How can I collaborate with BAM?

BAM welcomes collaborations with projects that align with our mandate for conservation of boreal birds and that will enhance application of our results to decision-making. Consult our policies for collaborations and contact us to find out more.

What geographic scope does BAM’s work encompass? 

Data-collection efforts have expanded from the original study area comprising the boreal region in Canada, to include the entire boreal and hemiboreal regions in North America.

Where does BAM’s data come from?  

Numerous individuals and institutions have contributed their bird survey and habitat and climate data to our collective effort, from studies spanning the boreal region of North America. The resulting databases of bird locations and abundances, and biophysical information represent a rich resource for avian research, monitoring and conservation. For a list of our partners & sponsors click here.

What is a BAM CORE project? 

A project addressing BAM's core mandate, led from inception to completion by BAM Team Members

What is a BAM CO-PRODUCED project?

A project jointly produced between BAM and external collaborator(s). These are often conceptualized outside of BAM before BAM involvement is solicited. BAM involvement could include intellectual contribution to project goals, data provision, analysis, and interpretation of results.

What is a BAM INFORMED project?

A project addressing BAM’s mandate with relatively little contribution from BAM (e.g., data or limited expert knowledge). Alternatively, a project using BAM data or intellectual contribution but not addressing BAM’s core mandate.