If you have DATA you can share with BAM and a greater community of data users—contact us. 


BAM has harmonized and standardized a large avian database that will soon be hosted on WildTrax. Contributing your data to a large, accessible database allows your data to be shared and re-used by others.  Data sharing allows us all to contribute to and harness the collective power of ecological datasets from across North America, which can lead to research, conservation applications, and valuable data products such as BAM’s open source avian density estimates and maps.  

If you have point count data that you would be willing to share with BAM please contact us. 


BAM believes that enhanced data sharing will facilitate collaborative science and accelerate avian conservation and research. BAM’s open access data will soon be hosted on WildTrax.

We are a founding member of the Canadian Network for Open Avian Data (C-NOAD). We share a common vision that reliable and comprehensive avian data are openly available to support conservation and decision-making in Canada. While not all of the data that has been shared with us can be made publicly available, we are working with data partners to make data as accessible as possible. 


To see a list of the many data partners who have generously shared their data with usvisit here.