Tools and data products to support conservation planning and management across the boreal region.

Conservation Value Assessment Tool

The BAM and BEACONs SFI Representation Assessment Tool is an online application that enables users to explore and evaluate the representation of bird-related conservation values within SFI-certified forestlands at multiple spatial scales ranging from ecoregions to the entire Canadian boreal region. The current focus is on the evaluation of a suite of species and biophysical indicators that were selected by BAM and BEACONs. We measured conservation value by evaluating the ecological representation of the indicators i.e., how well do SFI lands represent each indicator? 

Priority Areas for Boreal Songbird Conservation in Canada

Priority areas for boreal songbird conservation in Canada: results and maps for 128 scenarios based on Zonation conservation planning software

Opportunities for conservation of and habitat management for the Canada Warbler in the Atlantic Northern Forest of Canada

This map includes results of a number of scenarios for the conservation and management of the Canada Warbler in the Atlantic Northern Forest of Canada. Each dataset represents a scenario for conservation or management of this species under various climate and forestry scenarios.