About Us

The Boreal Avian Modelling Project (BAM) is an international scientific collaboration that develops and disseminates reliable, data-driven and model-based science and products to support migratory bird management and conservation across the boreal region of North America.

Drawing on significant quantitative modelling expertise and a large database created through assembly and harmonization of data contributed by individual research, inventory, and monitoring efforts, we produce information on the status of boreal birds, their habitats, and the impacts of human activities such as habitat alteration and climate change. This information, available as data products and research papers, is relevant to assessment & management of migratory birds, Species at Risk listing & recovery, protected areas identification & assessment, multi-species conservation & management, and land-use planning, among other applications.  Active collaboration and engagement with end-users extends the impact our work by ensuring relevance of results to multiple aspects of avian management.